Peter Borreggine (Employed Full Time)
Angular 7.0 Bootstrap 4 Front-end Engineer

with further strengths in:
A.I., Bootstrap4, LAMP, Karma, GIT, NODEJS


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I Speak Open Source

Personal Details

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Hobbies, Likes Loves and Passions

On-Air Radio DJ :  

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Inspiration :  {{ctrlGen.content.hobbies.inspiration}}

Fights to :  {{ctrlGen.content.hobbies.fighting}}

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Peter Borreggine

My Professional Experience

Executive Summary


My Experience

Development Highlights

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  • {{tech}}
  • {{prcs}}

Technology Background

Operating Systems :
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Platforms :
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Tools :
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Development :
  • {{dev}}
Databases :
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Work History

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Key Achievements:

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Manager:  {{dets.super}} {{dets.super}} Why I left:  {{dets.whyLeft}}
Remote:  Yes No Mixture Status:  Full-time Part-time Contractor Temporary Freelance

My Education

High School and College

Location:  {{edu.locale}} Major:  {{edu.maj}}

Graduated:  {{edu.grad}}  GPA:  {{edu.gpa}} Minor:  {{edu.min}}



My Military Education

Community College of the Air Force (CCAF)

Location:  {{edu.locale}} Major:  {{edu.maj}}

Graduated:  {{edu.grad}}  GPA:  {{edu.gpa}} Minor:  {{edu.min}}



My Professional Training

Self-Motivated Training

Programming Skills
Cold Warm Hot!
  • Angular 5
  • Angular 6.1
  • Angular 7.0
  • Typescript
  • bootstrap 3
  • bootstrap 4
  • node server
  • json
  • jquery/ajax
  • REST
  • API's
  • grunt
  • karma
  • html5
  • css3/sass
  • jquery
  • php/lamp
Version Control
Cold Warm Hot!
  • git/bash
  • stash/bitbucket
Operating Systems
Cold Warm Hot!
  • windows 10
  • ubuntu
  • mac osx
  • linux
Database Skills
Cold Warm Hot!
  • dba
  • sql server
  • postgres
  • mysql
  • sybase ase
  • pl/sql
  • cassandra
Project Tracking / Documentation Skills
Cold Warm Hot!
  • rally
  • ms project
  • ms tfs
  • sharepoint
  • perforce
  • version one
  • jira
  • confluence
Legacy Documentation Skills
  • requirements
  • sow
  • tech docs
  • user docs
  • status repts
Scrum Methodologies
Cold Warm Hot!
  • agile
  • kanban
Graphic Skills
Cold Warm Hot!
  • paintshop X
  • photography
  • ux design
  • posters
  • mock-ups
  • storyboards
Language Skills
Cold Warm Hot!
  • English
  • italian
  • spanish
  • French
Download My Technology Cover Letter Download My PDF CV Download My Short Version Resume PDF Download My Skills Assessment as of 8-30-2017

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