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Two Balloons - A film by Mark C. Smith

A truly magnificent short film without dialog and only music that captures you heart and pulls you into a story of love that will endure the ages...

by Pete Borreggine — Posted in Articles on November 19, 2018

Two adventurous lemurs navigate their dirigibles halfway around the world to a place where happenstance and fate threaten to disrupt their reunion.

Producer/Writer/Director: Mark C. Smith - Mark C. Smith is a filmmaker from Portland, Oregon. He has produced the films North, Denmark and A House, A Home. As a cinematographer Mark spent many years filming winter expeditions in North America and South America. He is the co-author of two photography books, Osterlandet and The Powder Road. Two Balloons is Mark's first animated film.

Awards: 21 wins & 12 nominations

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As the film opens, it harkens us back to a simple time. A cabin in the woods. A pot of coffee on the wood burning stove. Then there’s noise of someone entering. A Lemur! He gets a cup of coffee sits down and looks at his map. There, we see a picture of a balloon crossing the ocean. He marks the map and circles; his love!

This is a lovely film about two souls, lost and traveling the globe to find one another again. It’s about pure love and how love will survive anything. I’m touched by the beauty of the cinematography and the animation. The peace and serenity that I felt while watching this film gave me that sense of hope that all things are possible, and love will survive through any problems.

Mark Smith’s ability to convey that message in this film using no dialogue and lemurs drives that message forward even better. Sometimes, dialogue clutters a film, takes you away from the real message that writers need to learn: Movies are about showing, not telling as my Mentor and friend, 7-time Emmy Winner, Daniel F Curry. Dan has guided me on my journey through filmmaking and told me that writers get lost in the dialogue. He went on to further explain that Alfred Hitchcock wrote the story first then peppered that story with dialogue.

Mark Smith has done that beautifully, giving us a story that we can see, feel and enjoy. I highly recommend you see this film and enjoy the beauty of love as it’s all within us to love beyond all boundaries.